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"200 BasicWords" (Season 2)

"200 BasicWords" (Season 2)

"200 BasicWords" (Season 2)

ISBN 9786177479450


Interactive screenless book for easy foreign languages learning. A fascinating sequel to the series of books "200 Basic Words " Season 2. Read, play learn at the same time. A child will easily learn new 200 basic words, listen to more than 500 phrases and play 120 games for memory and logic. All information is illustrated as separate 20 themes to learn. The material is sounded by native speakers – English by default, 2nd and 3rd languages are up to you. Lots of fun and practice in games and dialogues. The book will make your child's learning meaningful and fun!


Recommended to use with Smart Pen.


For children from 3 years and up.



200 basic words of English

30 essential verbs of English

20 illustrated scenes of life

sounded translation of each scene

600 spoken English phrases

120 interactive games for memory/logic

68 characters with their own stories

voiced and printed dictionary

sound effects on each page



· Book size: 21x28.5 cm, 52 pages

· Cover - 250 gsm coated art paper

· Inner pages - 128 gsm matt art paper

· Recommended to use with the Smart Pen.


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